Professional Sound Equipment

Over 40 years experience in sound equipment

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Professional Sound Equipment

Pro Audio Equipment

If you are serious about sound equipment, making or playing music then you will be at home with us.

Experience with sound equipment

Involved in all aspects of live and recorded music for almost 40 years, we are small enough to understand and care about your needs when buying pro audio and musical equipment and big enough to be able to bring you the top brands.

We also believe we are experienced enough to be able to offer sound advice.

Great service

Many people in this industry are concerned that Internet Shopping is threatening the High Street.

We believe that customer service and professionalism will always win out and that ultimately you, the customer, will decide where and how you wish to spend your money.

‘Beatroute Music Ltd’ is committed to customer service and aims to offer all our customers the very best at all times - after all we are customers too!

Getting what you need

If you don’t see a particular item on our website you are very welcome to telephone us, as we can source almost anything.